Since the early 1990s, CUEC has been engaged in the investment and construction of overseas industrial zone. Vietnam's Linh Trung Processing Zone is the most successful case.

Vietnam Linh Trung Processing Zone is invested and developed by China & Vietnam cooperations. Since 1992, it has been developed in three phases, covering more than 320 hectares. In 2016, the total import and export volume reached 4.7 billion US dollars, creating 96000 local employment opportunities.


Since 2000, CUEC has been cultivating the overseas market of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, Iran truck and CKD export project is the most successful case.

Iran truck project is cooperated by CUEC, Dongfeng Group and saipa group. Since 2004 to 2017, 40000 units complete CKD trucks had been exported , with a total amount of 2 billion US dollars. It has surpassed Volvo to become the biggest market share in the local market.


CUEC has been operating in railway system, electric power fields for many years and has accumulated profound experience. CUEC has participated in contracting Qinghai-Tibet railway and other projects. The electrification of Belarusian railway is one of the most successful cases overseas.

Since 2010, the company has successively undertaken four railway electrification reconstruction projects in Belarus.


CUEC can provide complete sets of equipment and technical services in the field of metallurgy.

CUEC has contracted to build the first and second phase projects of high carbon ferrochrome smelter in Albania, providing a full set of technical support and services from design to implementation, and exporting complete sets of metallurgical equipment such as blast furnace.


In 2018, CUEC entered the field of artificial intelligence and engaged in the research and development of artificial intelligence technology and products in the medical field.

At present, CUEC has built a high-performance big data processing center, has good cooperation relationship with top domestic medical institutions, and has completely medical data, millions of cases, tens of millions of images and genetic data. The company is engaged in research and development in the basic theoretical fields of medical image analysis, big data processing, deep learning, distributed computing, knowledge representation, etc.


BOT, EPC, PPP and other types of project contracting are the company's traditional business, covering water conservancy and hydropower, sewage treatment, airport and wharf construction, railway, highway, urban rail and other fields.

Yantai municipal sewage treatment project, Changsha flood control project and Guizhou Yudongxia hydropower station project are highly praised by the owners after delivery.

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